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Elliott Bay Technologies is a software development agency committed to crafting digital products to solve business needs and drive market differentiation.

We develop critical solutions for clients across all major industries including Education, Healthcare, Banking, Agriculture, Entertainment, and Retail. We've also helped many technology startups successfully scale their businesses from inception to multiple rounds of venture capital funding and through acquisition.

Our broad expertise spans from modernizing legacy software to implementing cutting edge tech - including AI and Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and IoT.

For more than a decade, we have pushed hundreds of businesses to the forefront of digital innovation. 

Don’t wait any longer to build your best ideas. Get in touch with us to make them happen.

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Core services

We not only create great products, we help our clients answer the strategic questions around what to build, how to build it, and in what order.

Our recent work

Here are some companies we've helped grow.

Online farmland marketplace

We built a platform that enables landowners to solicit offers on their land to potential buyers. By digitizing the farmland transaction process, the platform can provide a unique option for farmers looking to expand.

Corporate intelligence platform

We built a platform that facilitates an efficient and secure way to run investigations and intelligence projects for corporations. The platform helps match service providers and independent experts by specific project requirements and creates a simple reporting system for sensitive information.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Our engineers helped build a crypto trading platform that offers perpetual, time-based digital derivatives markets. We continue to support building front-end components, migrating and optimizing the backend, writing smart contracts, and integrating with partnering blockchains. 

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